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Welcome to my blog. Here you’ll find vegan ramblings, product reviews and recipes.

First thing’s first; I’m a vegan, gluten free, wheat free, soya free, refined sugar free and mostly raw blogger based between Cheshire & Manchester.

Whenever people notice how healthily I choose to eat, I’m met with an array of questions… Every. Single. Time.

Why do you avoid so many food groups?

I do not eat meat for health reasons, personal taste and for the animals. I avoid all the other food groups due to ALL of the allergies.

The first food group that I discovered I was allergic to was eggs and dairy. These weren’t too difficult to cut out of my diet as I think I had always subconsciously avoided this food group… probably because it made me really unwell! Replacing dairy with soya was great for a while until I found out I was allergic to that too… thank god for Almond milk, Eh?!

Throw in the sugar intolerance and I thought it would be impossible to cut anything further out of my diet… until I found out I had coeliacs disease– great.  Avoiding wheat and gluten along with all of my other dietary needs seemed impossible as they’re in EVERYTHING.

Eating a mostly raw vegan diet is what helps to keep my anxiety at bay as I know exactly what ingredients I am putting inside my body and really limits the risk of an allergic reaction, allowing me to relax a little around food.

Before I discovered raw veganism I had severe food phobias and (wrongly) assumed that it was better not to eat anything than to eat something which could evoke an allergic reaction- but really, both would harm my body just as much.

Follow me on my (mostly!) raw vegan journey, discovering tasty new recipes and learning to love food!





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