The Teapigs Matcha Challenge

When the lovely people at  Teapigs asked me to take part in their fourteen-day Matcha Challenge- I jumped at the chance! Teapigs challenged me to take Matcha every day for two weeks to ‘see how sprightly you feel’… pretty promising, huh?


What is Matcha?

In short, Matcha a green powder which is like Green Tea on steroids. It’s full of antioxidants, vitamins & minerals. All of which can help to boost your metabolism, protect against cancer, boost your immune system, aid weight loss and generally make you feel super!

To find out more about the benefits of Matcha- read my blog post here!

With all of these incredible benefits, I started to wonder if the Teapigs Matcha Challenge would be much of a challenge after all…

How do you use it?

Matcha is SO versatile! It can be added to pretty much any recipe to add an extra health kick including; smoothies, soups, desserts, or, my preferred recipe- A Matcha Green Tea Latte (recipe here).


Matcha Challenge Verdict.

So, the big question- how did the Teapigs Matcha Challenge make me feel? 

I have to admit, after drinking a Matcha Latte every day for two weeks- I felt like a magical sparkly Unicorn. Shortly after having my daily dose of magic green powder, I felt an increase in energy, my mood lifted and  I was able to concentrate for much, much longer than usual (I’m cursed with THE shortest attention span!)

So; If you’d like to increase your energy, improve your mood, burn extra calories, help your body to detox, improve your skin, boost your metabolism, get a daily boost of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals… (phew!), then I DARE you to take part in the Matcha Challenge for two weeks.

But, I do have to warn you, you might become a little bit obsessed with Matcha and it’s incredible super-powers.

Have you ever tried Matcha? Let me know!


Alkalinelydia x

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