Fully Raw Challenge- Week Four

Three weeks ago, I set myself the challenge of going Fully Raw for six weeks to see what all the fuss is about.

Before setting myself the challenge to go Fully Raw, I was eating ‘Raw ‘till 4’ and having a cooked sweet potato in the evening; so I didn’t think the transition would be too difficult.

Oh, how wrong I was.

For the first two weeks I really, really missed sweet potato. Not only that, but I was met with shocked reactions from all of my friends when I told them that I’d set myself the challenge to only eat raw food… in the middle of winter- I think some of them thought I’d lost the plot! The rest of them knew that I’d lost it a long time ago. 😜

I went out and bought myself a huuuuuuuge bowl for (very) large salads, watched every Raw Vegan video on youtube just to make myself feel a little bit more sane and stocked up on lots and lots of fruits and vegetables… and a Vitamix (oops!).

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 16.05.10.png

The first two weeks were horrendous. I was tired, I felt sick, I was bloated & constantly hungry. ‘Just 5 more weeks’ I told myself, doubting whether I’d even make it through the first week! 

Luckily, my smoothie and salad making skills are excellent, so I really looked forward to every meal as they were just SO delicious, which kept me going for the first two weeks.

Then, when week three hit, something strange happened…

I was suddenly FULL of energy, my digestion felt amazing & my skin looked better… could the Fully Raw diet be magic, I thought?

At the end of week four, I’m still feeling amazing. I’ve got so much more energy and my digestion has never felt better. This is because my body is being filled with so many nutrients as none of them are being killed by heat, as they would be if I was consuming cooked foods. 

I’ve still got two weeks to go, but as it stands, I’m thinking of staying on the Fully Raw diet after the six weeks are over… Sweet Potato- I’m over you.

Have you ever tried going Fully Raw? How did you find it?

Alkalinelydia x

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