The dangers of clean eating- a dirty secret.

After watching a documentary on the BBC called ‘Clean Eating’s Dirty Secrets’, I was left a little confused, sad and angry.

‘Body positive’ vlogger, Grace Victory hosted the documentary; which looked at the potential ‘dangers’ of clean eating and how it can spiral into an ‘unhealthy obsession’ and, in my opinion, branding raw vegan/paleo/clean diets as a disguise for eating disorders.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are some people out there who take clean eating to an unhealthy level, such as only eating one kind of food (mono dieting) or extended ‘healthy’ juice cleanses, but the majority of people that I follow on social media who consume a vegan or raw vegan diet are happy, healthy and enjoy an abundance of natural, nutritious food.                                                                                                                            

So this begs the question- why is Victory, a vlogger who preaches body confidence,  so intent on branding clean eaters as ‘in the closet’ orthorexics? 

It confuses me that somebody who’s sole internet presence focuses on loving your body; attempts to bring other people down for their food choices. And if this vlogger is SO intent on investigating other people’s ‘unhealthy’ diets, surely she should be taking a look at the traditional western diet, filled with thousands of calories worth of processed food, refined sugar and dead animals?    


One blogger that comes under fire from Victory is Deliciously Ella, a girl with 959k Instagram followers and 245k Facebook likes, she cured herself from her health ailments by eliminating processed foods and meats from her diet but STILL, she is ridiculed by Victory for offering nutritional advice with no qualifications and ‘glorifying’ highly restrictive diets. In my opinion, Ella is simply striving to help other people to improve their health in the same way that she has done- not to promote eating disorders.

Whether people are eating 100g of Kale per day or 100g of boiled chicken, it is not the diet that is the problem, it’s people’s mindset. Anybody can suffer from an eating disorder, whether they follow a plant-based diet or not. Plant based lifestyles can, in fact, help people to recover from their eating disorder due to the vast amount of healthy, nutritious food on offer. So why-OH-why is Victory condemning this lifestyle? Could it be out of jealousy? Maybe she was unable to stick to this way of living, thus, deeming it ‘unhealthy’ and ‘restrictive’. I sure as hell would rather eat an ‘unhealthy’ diet filled with fruits, vegetables & legumes than to fill my body with conventional western diet staples; refined sugar, processed meats & fat-filled fried foods.

Unfortunately, documentaries like this are very one-sided and  indoctrinate the viewers with unsubstantial evidence and partisan interviews. As somebody  who has turned their life around after discovering plant-based eating, I truly hope that nobody is deterred from following a plant-based diet due to the biased opinions which are broadcast in this documentary.

Grace Victory- I’ve got a (vegan, cruelty free) bone to pick with you!

Did you watch this documentary? What were your thoughts? 



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