Raw rules.

Tips and rules for a raw vegan diet.

  1. Only eat raw food

Shocking, I know.

On a raw food diet you are free to consume an abundance of delicious & nutritious raw foods.

* Note- raw food is any food not heated above 116 degrees– the temperature at which essential enzymes are destroyed and your food becomes less nutritious.

2.Know which foods to combine.

In order to enhance digestion you need to know which foods are best to combine, due to the different digestion times of the various food groups.

  • Protein is best digested in an acidic environment.
  • Carbs require a more alkaline environment to enhance digestion.
  • Try to eat fruits as a separate meal. Fruit is not digested in the stomach, so if they are eaten after another food group, such as carbohydrate, the digestive process will be held up. This means that the fruit will begin to ferment in the small intestine; causing bloating.

Therefore, eating high protein foods and high carb foods together will slow down digestion, leading to bloating & constipation and not all of the nutrients will be absorbed from the food you have provided your body with.

3. Fill your fridge with Vegetables

Eat as many different kinds of vegetables as you can each day to really pack those nutrients into your body. If possible, choose organic vegetables in order to avoid putting unwanted chemicals into your body.

3. Soak your nuts!

…get your mind out of the gutter! We’re talking Almonds, pine nuts, pecans, pumpkin seeds etc…

Nuts can contain enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid; meaning that they pass through your body undigested, thus providing you with no nutrition.

By soaking your nuts you:

  • Increase the nutritional content of the nut/seed.
  • Remove enzyme inhibitors
  • Make them more digestible

How do I soak nuts and seeds?

  1. Cover your nuts with filtered water.
  2. Add a pinch of unrefined salt
  3. Allow the nuts to soak for up to 8 hours, periodically changing the water (you wouldn’t bathe in the same water for 8 hours- neither should your nuts!)
  4. Dry your nuts (preferably in a dehydrator) at a low temperature in order to make your nuts crispy again. Alternatively, do not dehydrate your nuts and store them in the fridge for up to 24 hours.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the rules of the raw food diet and have been inspired to adopt the raw lifestyle!

Alkalinelydia x



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