Why Vegan?

Welcome to my first blog post! Here I’ll be posting recipes for my Instagram posts, new product discoveries and reviews and my general thoughts on being vegan; in the hope that I can educate and inspire people to adopt a plant-based lifestyle.

What is ‘Vegan’?

Veganism is a lifestyle, not a diet. There are many different reasons why people adopt a vegan lifestyle, including;

  • To improve health and reduce the risk of disease
  • To stop animal suffering
  • To help the environment

Basically- vegans don’t eat anything which has derived from animals, such as; meat/fish, dairy, eggs, honey & gelatine.

Most of the time, I follow the ‘raw ‘till 4’ rule- so I eat raw/uncooked food in it’s natural form until 4pm, as digestion slows down throughout the day and raw food is more difficult to digest.

So… the big question-Where do vegans get their protein?’

The first thing people ask you when you tell them you’re vegan is “What about protein?!”.

Clearly, as a vegan, I don’t get any protein… #naive

There are so many plant based sources of protein including;

  • Quinoa (4.4g/100g)
  • Nuts  (8g-22g/100g)
  • Nut butter (25g/100g)
  • Legumes (4.9g-9g/100g)
  • Tofu (although I don’t eat this due to a soya allergy!)
  • Spinach (2.9g/100g)
  • Hemp (23g/100g)
  • Brown rice (2.58g/100g)
  • Chia seeds, Sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, Flaxseed (20g-33g/100g)
  • Nut milk (18g/100g)
  • Oats (17g/100g)
  • Potato (2.5g/100g)

…pretty impressive that you can get all that protein without harming a single living creature, huh?

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